Tuesday, April 3, 2012


It has recently come to my attention that Emma Stone (not Emma Roberts.. I always get those people mixed up) who is the redhead that was in Superbad and Easy A.. is not a natural redhead. Apparently, when she was cast in Superbad she had blonde hair, then Judd Apatow had the idea that she should dye her hair red. I guess to make it more realistic that Jonah Hill could get her? Redheads have a really bad rep. Anyway, she dyed her hair red, really liked it and decided to keep it. Now she is unique for having red hair and has therefore become famous. It's hard to even imagine her with blonde hair. Go Judd Apatow.

Similar story. Turns out Sofia Vergara was blonde before she was in Modern Family. Google it, I swear. She dyed her hair brown so she could fit the "Columbian" stereotype. And look at her now. Famous and gorgeous. Looking back on her with blonde hair is just borderline uncomfortable.

Both people who had blonde hair.. dyed it.. and are now successful. Really makes you think.

I have blonde hair. My whole life my mother has refused to let me dye it. I know what you're thinking. Why does your mother not want you to be successful? Good question. I don't know. She told me that if I dye it I will never get my color back. So that scares me. That's a giant commitment. I don't like the words never or forever. I can barely make plans a day in advance. No, I've never had a long term relationship... Why?

I don't think I can handle red. I'm already awkward enough. Emma Stone seems chill so she can pull it off. Plus, my hair is curly. Curly, red haired, spastic, awkward girls don't get very far in life. Maybe as a writer though. Interesting.

But now I can't stop thinking I might look so much better as a brunette. How do I know that my blonde hair isn't holding me back? Why has my mom been trying to sabotage me? Maybe I should dye hair my brown and then I'd be famous. Or at least not sitting here alone on Friday night..

I guess the only rational solution would be to just ask Judd.