Saturday, October 23, 2010

"witty title"

The best part about living in this city and not knowing anyone is that I can be whoever I want to be. When I introduce myself to people and tell them that I plan on writing comedies, they just assume I'm funny. So when people think you're funny, you're more likely to actually be funny. It's a weird how it works. Like if someone tells you they think you're good looking, then you'll feel good looking, have more confidence, and therefore probably look more attractive. The only difference in my case is that I AM actually funny in the first place. People just haven't realized it yet.. or until now.

The second best part about living in such a cosmopolitan city is that people are from all over. So, my accents are only improving daily. Last night I met a kid from London and I spoke in a British accent the entire time while he attempted an American accent. A word of advice: if you ever meet anyone from either London, Australia and/or South Africa, make them speak in an American accent. It is hilarious. This is how the conversation will go.

you: speak in an American accent
British person: no
you: please
British person: what do I get?
you: "funny remark"
British person: what should I say?
you: anything
British person: blah blah blah I want a hamburger blah blah

you think I'm kidding. 80% of their responses will incorporate the word hamburger. Apparently foreign people think we use that word in every other sentence. Now that I think about it, considering the plethora of fast food chains out there, I guess majority of Americans are using that word. Foreign people are so wise.

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